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The Enchanted Guitar Forest

Transporting the listener to a mysterious and enthralling sonic world, composers and guitarists Alex Lubet and Maja Radovanlija capture the duo's Eastern European heritage, specifically Jewish and Balkan, in their debut release The Enchanted Guitar Forest.


This CD by the Minneapolis Guitar Quartet includes Maja's arrangements Proseta se Jovka Kumanovka and Jonce Hristovski (Macedonian Girl).

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Szilard Mezei Flute & Strings Trio - Feher Virag (White Flower)

Maja plays acoustic guitar in this free improv jazz ensemble featuring viola, kaval, and flute.


Two Contemporary Classical Guitar Composer-Performers, Carlo Domeniconi and Dusan Bogdanovic, and their Work of Synthesis

Growing up in Serbia, I was naturally exposed to the music of the Balkans, and my musical interest in the rich tradition of this area grew after I left Serbia. I noticed that a number of guitarist-composers from this area developed an interest in Balkan traditional music, and I was naturally drawn to their work.

One of them is Dusan Bogdanovic, who was born in Yugoslavia (now Serbia). The second is Italian composer-performer Carlo Domeniconi. I believe that they have opened up a completely new chapter in the modern classical guitar repertoire by synthesizing contemporary non-classical genres (jazz, blues, African, Turkish music, etc.) with Western classical music traditions.

In my paper I present the guitar works of these musicians, not only to support the thesis that they have paved the way for future guitarist-composer-improvisers, but also to provide those future musicians with strategies to accomplish their goals through the unique syntheses of genres that both Bogdanovic and Domeniconi offer.